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Theo’s Tv Time Reviews: Chuck S.2

Posted on January 6, 2016  in Theo's Tv Time

Chuck S.2Theo’s Tv Time:

Chuck S.2


Chuck’s back, and this time he’s better than ever. With the success of the missions in Season 1, he’s ready to tackle anything. More or less… Does this second season have what it takes to be as excellent as the first? Or can it perhaps shine even brighter?


To Watch or Not to Watch:

Oh HECK yes! If you enjoyed season 1 then you should absolutely watch season 2.



Chuck Bartowski has finally freed himself from the life of espionage, or so he thinks. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t be further from the truth. With an engaged sibling and the dangerous organization Fulcrum working on building their own intersect, Chuck’s task of juggling spy work and real life is far from over.


Honestly, without getting into the details of the season, this takes the plot of season 1 and ramps it up to eleven. Introducing new characters, greater stakes, and great new character development, season 2 is not only the natural progression of the series, but an incredible enhancement of what we’ve already seen. While slightly silly plot contrivances still cling on, you’re far too engrossed in the unfolding story to notice or care much. At times the plot points are easily predicted, but rarely if ever are they the choices you don’t want the show to make.



Continuing to provide stellar performances, Zachary Levi (Chuck) Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) and Adam Baldwin (Casey) show genuine growth in their characters and really make the season a joy to watch. Major recurring characters such as Bryce Larkin (Played by Matthew Bomer) and Jill Roberts (Played by Jordana Brewster) really do a great job, despite their relatively limited screen time, while very notable characters (who will not be mentioned by name for the sake of spoilers) played by Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase that come in late in the season make a great showing. All in all, the actors do a great job and are a real treat to watch.



What can I say that wasn’t said in my previous review of season 1? The audio is great. Sound quality is good, sound effects are as they should be, and the music. Oh the music. While the first season had recognizable tracks that were amusing to hear, this season had even better choices. Huey Lewis and The News, Flight of the Conchords, Bon Iver, Backstreet Boys, Chumbawumba, Lady Gaga, MC Hammer, and many more artists result in immediately recognizable tracks that, at least to me, really make the episodes that much better.


Special Effects:

Most of the time it’s just as fitting as before while still lacking anything of great interest. There was one notable piece of tech in the show that I felt honestly was a little bit badly animated, but perhaps it was just me. It’s hardly worth criticizing, really, but my job is to be critical, not to merely sing the praises of a show.



This show is just so much fun. Everything brought a smile to my face, from the characters, to the music, to the plot. It was all an incredibly enjoyable experience and I wish I could wipe my memory of the season so I could enjoy it again all over. (What? Don’t like my metaphor? It is a spy show, after all.)


Strong Points:

  • A gripping plot that ramps up as the season progresses
  • Character growth that makes you love the characters even more
  • Great humour that manages to not derail the serious nature of the plot
  • Practically everything else


Weak Points:

  • Plot contrivances still show up
  • Somewhat predictable plot points


Overall Opinion:

The fact that I’m posting this review merely a day after posting the review of the first season should say something. I really adore this show. From the humour to the characters to the plot, everything makes me happy. The only way I would have noticed anything wrong with the show at all is due to intentionally looking for errors. Being a critic is what I’m supposed to do, but sometimes it’s genuinely a challenge to be critical. That just goes to show how much I enjoy the show. From start to finish this season kept doing everything that made me love season 1 while improving on almost every aspect. I couldn’t ask for more in a spy show, and honestly, this show is in my top five favourite tv shows of all time, based on this season alone.


Final Score: 9.5/10

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