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Theo’s Tv Time Reviews: Chuck S.1

Posted on January 5, 2016  in Theo's Tv Time

Chuck S.1Theo’s Tv Time:

Chuck S.1


What happens when an average joe retail store employee gets an email from an old college buddy turned rival who became a super spy? Hilarity, that’s what. After becoming the government’s greatest asset, poor unfortunate Chuck gets roped into a series of spy adventures alongside his two new spy handlers, one of whom happens to be a very attractive girl.  Of course, life’s never easy, and if trying to survive in the dangerous world of espionage weren’t enough, Chuck has to juggle his real life right along with it.


To Watch or Not to Watch:

Unless you just don’t enjoy spy movies or comedy, I see no reason not to dive right in and watch this great show.



Chuck Bartowski was a brilliant young man going to Stanford University. He had a beautiful girlfriend, incredible dreams, and endless opportunities. That was, of course, before his “best friend” and roommate betrayer him and got him expelled, shortly after sleeping with Chuck’s girlfriend. Now, years later, he’s working a dead-end job at a Buy-More as part of the “Nerd Herd”. One day, however, he gets an email from his old roommate that ends up forcing a government super computer into Chuck’s head. Who comes knocking at Chuck’s door but a group of spies sent to be his handlers. Of course it isn’t so simple as that and Chuck has “flashes” when he sees certain people who had a file in the super computer. With knowledge that no one else possesses, he must take to the field to save the day. (or at least let his handlers do so)


An amusing way to bring a clueless nobody into the world of espionage, Chuck’s story is, albeit a bit contrived, a delight to watch. Overflowing with charm and high stakes, each episode brings something special to the table and does an excellent job of both keeping the viewer engaged in the short term, while also enticing the viewer to keep watching for the overarching plot and character development. At times I was a bit taken out of the show by some rather silly contrivances, but most people wouldn’t even notice, I feel.



The actors chosen for this show are absolutely ideal. No one is lacking in the characteristics they’re supposed to portray, and every single one of them is lovable (in their own way) and integral to the show and the development of the others. Obviously the trio of Zachary Levi (Chuck) Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker) and Adam Baldwin (John Casey) are impeccable and absolutely make the show (And for anyone who loved Adam Baldwin in Firefly, he’s practically playing Jayne again), but the most notable among the supporting cast are also incredible, with great appearances by Joshua Gomez (Chuck’s childhood best friend, Morgan), Sarah Lancaster (Chuck’s sister Ellie), and Ryan Mcpartlin (Ellie’s boyfriend Devon).



Perfect. The show blends infallible sound quality with great recognizable music and sound effects that match the situation perfectly. The music in particular is a delight, using actual songs rather than music created specifically for the show. Not merely the stuff people have never heard of, either. Recognizable tunes from Journey, The Shins, Britney Spears, Neil Diamond, and many other artists pop up that will instantly bring a smile to your face, even if you can’t quite place them.


Special Effects:

What can I say? Explosions go boom. I wouldn’t say that any special effects in the show are particularly notable, but I would say that none of them are bad or even sub-par.



So with every review I make I talk a great deal about how enjoyable the show is. Honestly, this is the most enjoyable thing I’ve reviewed so far. This is easily one of my favourite tv shows I’ve ever watched, and I can’t say it enough how great I think this show is. The comedy, the general feeling of lightheartedness, and the characters that are brought to the table absolutely make you want to sing. This show passes with flying colours when it comes to overall fun and enjoyment.


Strong Points:

  • Hilarious to the nth degree
  • Forms an excellent base for a thoroughly enjoyable series to come
  • Truly lovable characters
  • Is just undeniably fun


Weak Points:

  • Sometimes has weak plot points or silly contrivances
  • Humour might not appeal to everyone


Overall Opinion:

Very few shows can consistently make me laugh out loud. Fewer still make me click the “Next Episode” button on Netflix without hesitation. This show not only manages to do both, but it has so many other excellent features that I can’t even begin to recommend it heartily enough. While it’s clearly a first season for both good and bad, it made me want to finish it in a matter of days. If it weren’t for the holiday madness overwhelming me, I likely could have finished it in a single day, but I digress. Chuck S.1 is what all shows should aim to be in their first season; a really good time. This show is my new favourite spy entertainment, and with that in mind, I give this show…


Final Score: 9/10

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