Critical Hit

One man aiming to roll a critical success on nerdy entertainment

About The Site

Critical Hit is a website designed by one man, your’s truly, all for the purpose of sharing reviews, top tens, web novels, and all sorts of other nerdy entertainment. As a long time nerd I want to share my love and opinions. And who knows, maybe I’ll help you all out too.


At the moment, the site is relatively new and doesn’t have much content. In the long-term I intend to post written reviews for sci-fi and fantasy books, manga, anime, video games, and tv shows. I also want to post top tens, likely involving video games mostly, but you never know. In the future I also plan to begin creating videos for every review and top ten.


Then there are my web-novels. These web-novels are likely going to be predominately fantasy, however my love for stories extends to many genres. I mainly wish to write things no one has written before. Even if it’s just a twist on an old classic trope, I love to make things that are just that little bit different and unique.


My reviews are going to consist of a pretty set formula every time, the differences being mainly in name, due to different media having different aspects. In general though, the reviews are going to consist of:


Review Name:
*insert media name here*:
Summary of the Media: In which I quickly summarize the piece of media and provide some details on the series if there is one.
To play/watch/read or not to play/watch/read: Where I give a brief one or two line explanation of why you should or should not play/watch/read this media.
Story: A spoiler free summary of the story and critique thereof.
Gameplay/Acting/Characters: The section in which I critique the main body of the media.
Audio/Dialogue: Where I comment on and critique the music, sound effects, dialogue, and voice acting of a given piece of material.
Graphics/Special Effects/Art: How pretty does it look? That’s what I answer in this section.
Fun: Is this an enjoyable piece of media, regardless of any possible flaws.
Strong points: Rapid fire bullet points of the good aspects of the media.
Weak points: Rapid fire bullet points of the bad aspects of the media.
Final verdict: ?/10



So far, the reviews I’ve done fall under a few categories, each named appropriately.


Theo’s TV Time: This should be fairly self explanatory, as I go by the moniker of Theo on here. I’ll only review full seasons, as individual episodes aren’t easily reviewed.


Manga Watch: Reviews falling under this category will include single volumes of manga, and will show you what you should be keeping watch for.


The Bored Critic: As someone who isn’t really a big fan of movies, it takes a lot to impress me. Hence the title.